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Billing software that helps businesses collect receivables faster, organize expenses, automate vendor pay outs & streamline GST filing.

Getting started with billing software

To get started with using Swipez APIs you would need an billing software account. Creating an account is free and you create one with a few clicks. Get your own free billing software. Swipez billing software is one of the best billing software product made especially considering the requirements for a small or medium sized business.

Billing software starts by organizing your business contact information like Customers, Vendors and Franchises. This contact information is used to create invoices or expense entries into your billing software account. Swipez billing software comes built in with online payments for faster payment collections and also has a facility to make payouts to vendors or franchises.

Over 15,000 businesses use Swipez billing software to bill their customers on a daily basis. Customers are able to make online payments via the bills they receive and the business in turn gets paid faster. Invoice formats are completely customizable and can be setup as per the needs of the business.

Billing software help desk provides an in depth walk through of the features that are available for your business.

All key aspects of your billing software can be controlled via APIs which are listed below.

Billing software API listing

Customer management : Manage your customer data centrally. Sync customer contact information with Swipez and other systems with ease.

Invoicing : Use the extensible and completely configurable Swipez invoicing engine for your application. Create invoices, send notifications to customers, manage subscriptions and more.

Payment collection API listing

Payment gateway : Payment collection specific APIs and toolkits to integrate your application with online payments.

Expense management and Payouts API listing

Payouts : Make payouts to one or multiple beneficiaries using the Payouts API.

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